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You can find that in our Why US Section also you can have a look at our ongoing and completed projects Below

Welcome to the Gruhasthali Projects

We are Gruhasthali Projects, one of Hyderabad's biggest construction firms.


Gruhasthali Projects works on both luxury homes and affordable housing projects.

To achieve Outstanding results, structural engineers, architects, project planners, and execution teams are integrated using various software. Commercial Buildings, Row Houses, Villas, Independent Houses, Farm Houses, Multi Storey Buildings, High Rise Buildings, and Apartments are among our Projects.  

Our Interior Design Wing is dedicated to providing world-class interior design at a reasonable cost.

Gruhasthali Projects is your one-stop shop for all of your real estate needs, including Flats, Villas, Row-houses, Commercial spaces, and Plots. We provide the best options for your dream home requirements. We are the only real estate developers in Hyderabad, with the best marketing team in the industry, and we offer the best prices in the market.

Please contact us if you require additional services or have any suggestions. (+91) – 8341777824

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Gruhasthali Projects Services

Gruhasthali Projects Contractors & Builders
End-to-End Construction Services


Commercial Construction

Hassle-Free Execution by Our Expert Team


Residential Construction

You Dream, We Deliver Let us, build your Dream Home


Structural Designs

Residential & Commercial building designs  


Architecture Planning

Our in-house architects will create custom-fit designs 


Project Management

Hire our Team of Experts – with Hassle-free project management

Our On-Going Projects

It’s all about Luxury Communities & You.

Apartments, Villas, Commercial & Residential Properties.

Navya Vazeer Estates

Location: L.B.Nagar

Navya Lotus

Location : Uppal Bhagath

Navya Classic

Location: Uppal Bhagath

Navya Symphony

Location : Bachupally

Navya Metro

Uppal Bhagath.

Navya Lingala Castles

Location : Uppal Bhagath

Navya Gardenia

Location : Sri Nagar Colony​

Navya Exotica

Location : Uppal Bhagath

Completed Projects


Our Specialization

Build your Dream Home with our experienced in-house Design & Construction team. Gruhasthali Projects – Home construction & Monitoring company, Let us Build your Dream Home.


Best Real Estate & Construction Company in Hyderabad offering New Apartments, Commercial Spaces, Villas, Open Plots & Independent Houses.

Exterior Design​

Defining your project goals will help pave the way for all future decisions, including those about the exterior design.

Interior Design​

Gruhasthali provides one stop solution for all your interior designing needs. Whether your taste is modern or traditional we have end to end solution.

Landscape Design​

The Gruhasthali approach benefits from the combined expertise of landscape architects; urban designers; planners; architects, and engineers.

Site Planning

Site planning is a process that involves developing and implementing a specific organizational plan for an interior or exterior space.


The architect usually begins to work when the site and the type and cost of a building have been determined.


Gruhasthali Projects Construction Company  Reviews

My relatives and friends visited my house and they appreciated the work and quality of construction provided by Gruhasthali Projects team.
Renuka .K
The quality of the service provided by Gruhasthali Projects is the best in the market and their values are customer centric which is rare outside.
Nagababu .P
To build a Dream home we choose a professional team, Gruhasthali Projects team is amazing at building true dream houses 😊
Mahesh .Y

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